Mathieu Castanier

Savile Row, in London's prestigious Mayfair district, has for centuries been the
epicentre of the worlds finest bespoke tailoring.
This is where Mathieu Castanier learned his craft from some of the world’s most distinguished master tailors.

Today, Mathieu Castanier has opened his own Bespoke tailoring house in London, bringing to life the unique sartorial vision of his discerned clientele.
He remains deeply rooted in traditional English bespoke tailoring, but with a contemporary house style updated for a new generation of modern gentlemen.


Mathieu Castanier opened his maison with a vision to bring the bespoke
experience to more areas of his clients wardrobes.
In addition to offering bespoke suiting, he uses his tailoring expertise to craft bespoke and ready-to-order leather jackets for both men and women.
Each garment, whether ready-to-order or bespoke, is an expression of virtues craftsmanship in every detail.
Castanier Bespoke works with each client to craft a unique masterpiece tailored
to their body, vision and personality.
Mathieu Castanier personally guarantees every client a 21st century tailoring experience of unmatched sartorial excellence.